Electronics and semiconductor technology

The characterization of semiconductors, electronic components and devices poses an analytical challenge due to the variety of materials and complex manufacturing methods. Because of this complexity, modern surface analytical techniques can make a meaningful contribution to development, production and quality control. The following questions are routinely dealt with:

  • Characterization of raw materials (semiconductors, polymers & resins, ceramics, ...)
  • Efficiency of process and cleaning steps (e.g. service life of cleaning baths)
  • Elucidation of layer closure, thickness and composition
  • Quantification of dopants
  • Detection of contamination
  • Adhesive properties (e.g., during soldering)
  • Control of clean room air (e.g., organic ingredients)
  • Stain, deposits and residues (e.g., after etching steps)
  • Aging of semiconductor structures by diffusion processes
  • "Defect review", ...

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