Adhesion Failure of Adhesive Connections
Tracking down the cause

Adhesive failure can manifest itself in multiple ways. A label does not tack, a new adhesive connection does not bond or an existing bond comes loose again. In many cases failed joints can be attributed to inadequately pretreated or contaminated surfaces. This applies to bonds on all common substrates such as glass, metal or polymers. If adhesive failure, cohesive failure or delamination of layers occurs and an obvious cause of the defect cannot be identified, surface analysis methods in the Tascon laboratory (e.g. XPS, ToF-SIMS) are often used. The selection of the analysis method depends primarily on the exact error pattern of the adhesion failure and the prior information already available. The following example to determine the cause of the failure of address labels was solved with the help of ToF-SIMS analysis in our laboratory.

tin cans

Adhesive failure of labels
Loss of adhesion upon exposure to heat

The use of self-adhesive labels is established in many production areas. Adhesive failure of a label can lead to serious problems, ranging from safety issues to logistic nightmares.

A mayor logistics company experienced this when their address labels would peel off the parcels when the outside temperatures increased. This led to delays in delivery or a complete loss of the transported goods.

A ToF-SIMS analysis of defective transport labels in our test laboratory showed contamination of the adhesive side with a modified polysiloxane, which was not detected on the adhesive side of defect-free label batches. Just traces of this modified polysiloxane were able to cause the adhesive failure of the used labels. Based on this knowledge, the chemical composition of the adhesive film was specified more precisely. The problem was solved by changing the adhesive used on the labels.

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