Electronic Devices

Electrical components consist of a variety of materials (semiconductors, polymers, ceramics, glass, metal, etc.). Additionally, production of electronic devices involves many processing steps (cleaning, doping, coating, structuring, soldering, packaging, etc.). The resulting structures range in size from a few Ångströms to some centimeters. Because of this complexity, modern surface analytical techniques can make a meaningful contribution in development, production and quality control. The following issues can successfully be addressed:

  • Characterization of raw materials (semiconductors, polymers & resins,
    ceramics, ...)
  • Efficiency of process steps  (e.g. life time of cleaning baths)
  • Determination of layer structures
  • Adhesion behavior (e.g. in soldering)
  • Control of cleanroom environments
    (e.g. for organic components)
  • Source of staining, debris formation and residues (e.g. after etching steps)
  • Monitoring of implantation processes
  • Defect Review
  • ...

 Case Studies