Surface Analytical Services and Consulting


state-of-the-art instrumentation from the leading manufacturer (ToF-SIMS, LEIS, ...)


solving a wide range of industrial and research problems on complex sample systems


a customer-orientated team of experts dedicated to providing quality analysis in a timely manner





Tascon is an analytical services and consulting company serving customers in the automotive, chemicals, electronics, glass, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals markets. Our company has an international reputation solving a wide range of complex problems using state-of-art instrumentation and leveraging a dedicated, customer-oriented team of experts. 
Typical analyses include:
  • Detection of trace impurities
  • Identification of unknown layers and determination of layer thickness
  • Characterization and control of surface modifications (e.g., adhesion promoters, plasma treatment, etc.)
  • Determination of surface topography and surface roughness
  •  Product analysis and reverse engineering
  •  Process control
  • Failure analysis (e.g., discoloration, corrosion, loss of adhesion)
Our mission is to provide our customers with state-of-the art services at the best possible value.





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